Still Life in Villac, France

Beautifully soft morning light in the tiny village of Villac in the Vézère valley, south west France, tempted me to try my hand at some still life compositions.

Taken with a close up lens, hand held as I didn’t have the tripod with me, and with VR  (Vibration Reduction) on. As a consequence the ISO values were pushed up to allow for manageable shutter speeds. Fruit and flowers came from the garden which has a good range of produce that I will hopefully use on another visit.

Last of the Lavender 01

Last of the Lavender 01. Click to enlarge.

Simple Supper 01

A simple supper. Click to enlarge.

Simple Supper 02

Tightening the composition. Click to enlarge.

Apples on a pewter plate

Apples on a pewter plate. Click to enlarge.

Last of the Lavender 02

Last of the Lavender 02. Click to enlarge.