Poppies on Pinterest

Now and again a photo taken some time ago pops up in a message from a complete stranger, such is the power of the world wide web. The other day Brenda from Johannesburg, South Africa, contacted me about an image I’d posted on Pinterest a couple of years back.

Poppies with Buds 01

Poppies with Buds. Click to enlarge.

Brenda is an art quiltmaker or ‘fibre artist’ and had produced a new design based on the image shown here. She wanted to enter the design in a national competition and was asking permission before completing her entry. I replied saying I was delighted that she wanted to use the image, wished her good luck and asked her to let me know how she got on.

I remember setting up and taking this particular photograph. I was looking for high contrast between the subject and the background to highlight the striking colours and exquisite form of the flowers, buds and stems. As the plants were still in their pot it was relatively easy to find the perfect spot in the garden that was well lit and offered the background I wanted. I used a telephoto zoom lens set at 170mm focal length and a polariser filter to reduce the reflected light on the petals. Camera settings: 160th second at f/6.3, ISO 200.

Poppies and Fibre Art

Brenda’s Quilt Design: A work in progress. Click to enlarge.

Watch this space for any further developments!