Layering Images

Occasionally we might want to create a new image by blending two or more photos together in our editing program. This is easily achieved and there are plenty of online tutorials that will successfully take you through the steps. However, my interest here is not so much in the mechanics of the process but rather in the choice of subjects and the finished effects we want to achieve.

poppy blend

Poppy / Cloudscape Blend

This image is a composite of several photographs, i.e. close up shots of poppy flowers layered over a dense cloudscape as a backdrop. It was around Remembrance Sunday last year and I was moved by what I was seeing on TV about the Battle of the Somme. An image entered my head of the souls of the fallen soldiers rising above the trenches and the battlefield in the form of poppies. I knew I had various original photos I could examine to see if I could reproduce on my screen what I was seeing in my mind’s eye and this is the result.

More posts on layering images to follow…