Jersey Shores CI

If you love quiet, pristine beaches and big, open skies (and let’s face it who doesn’t?) then book a flight to beautiful Jersey in the Channel Islands. As a visitor there now and no longer a resident, I wanted to try out some of the photographic techniques I’ve been developing here in Derbyshire using long exposures. These images are from the area around St. Ouen’s Bay and La Corbiere, where we were staying recently. I’ll be adding a few more to the site shortly.

St Ouen Abstract 01

St Ouen Abstract 01, 1.6 sec. Click to enlarge.

The idea is to create an impression of the scene rather than a photographic record of what the human eye sees. In fact in these images we record what the human eye will never see in real time, i.e. a compression of the movement of the waves and the camera over time in a still 2D image.

St Ouen Abstract 02

St Ouen Abstract 02, 1.6sec. Click to enlarge.

This is definitely not photo manipulation on a computer (e.g. ‘photoshopping’ as it is often called) but rather using the camera itself creatively to record aspects of these lovely places in an unusual way.

St Ouen Abstract 03

St Ouen Abstract 03, 1 sec. Click to enlarge.

When the shutter is left open and the camera is moved during the exposure things happen and it’s controlling these changes, e.g. to colour saturation, to the texture, the interplay of light and shade and the positioning of the various elements, that provides the challenge for me. Yes, I’m trying to make an attractive, original image but also one that invites the viewer to question what they are seeing. There is a good deal of trial and error involved, particularly at first in a new location, but experience has given me the confidence to be able to predict and realise the desired outcomes.


La Corbiere Abstract 01, 4 sec. Click to enlarge.

Now I don’t wish to upset any Jersey beans with images that might imply a lack of respect for these iconic places, after all I love them too and I love the amazing images on display in so many of the island’s cafes and restaurants, for example David Ferguson‘s work at Big Vern’s, which is breathtaking and so inspiring. So I simply open a small window on a different way of interpreting places that keep bringing visitors, including me, and residents back to admire and enjoy them.

La Corbiere Abstract 02

La Corbiere Abstract 02, 4 sec. Click to enlarge.

All of these images are available as photographic or canvas prints. If you’d like more information about purchasing or simply would like to know how they were made just drop me an email via the Contact link in the menu bar and thanks for taking the time to read this.